Noteboard workflow

Does anyone else feel the noteboard workflow creates friction? I consistently find myself confused between single-click and double-click, and wanting to view a folder in my outline but realizing I just single-clicked to preview.
I’m still new to SN, so maybe I just need to get used to it, but navigating between parent/child folders does not feel as fast and seamless as other parts of the app.

Hi @maurelius, this is something we are currently working on as part of our migration to an app with full offline support. There will be a large number of flow changes as part of that migration, so keep an eye on this space. However if you have any specific suggestions we would always love to hear those as well!


Ahh, very interesting. Looking forward to seeing that! For me, I don’t get much value from “previews”. I’d rather one-click to go straight to the Noteboard.

Hi @maurelius, did you know you can invert the ‘Clickbindings’ in the “User Preferences”? So you can single-click to go straight into the Noteboard.

Also, out of interest, do your parent cards contain content? We’ve added previews to try to help you move away from traditional folder-file structures and build a knowledge system where each notecard is useful on it’s own without requiring the context of other cards – essential each card should be a unit of knowledge.

I have to make a confession: I’m still using parent/child very much as a folder-file structure. I hope SN will help me break away from that, but I’m still a work in progress. I love the idea of “each card should be a unit of knowledge” but I still have to figure out how to reconcile that with effective note organization.

Thank you for the guidance on the Clickbindings. I did not know that feature exists, I will try it out!