Notecards with numbers in the title aren't found when linking to them without the number

When I want to force a particular order of child notecards I currently add “1.”, “2.”, “3.”, etc to their start of their titles, and choose to sort the parent by “Alphabetical”.

The feature request

I’d prefer to have a “Manual” sort option, which lets me drag and drop the order of the children in the tree, or directly on the main view. (I know there’s a separate topic for feature requests, but I’m feeling lazy today! :slightly_smiling_face:)

The bug report

Let’s say I have a notecard titled “1. Code should have a high signal-to-noise ratio”, and I want to link to it from another card, but not include the number, i,e, I’d type “Code should have a high signal-to-noise ratio” select the text, then press CMD + /. Then the notecard won’t be found in the search results.

If I add a “1.” to the start of the search field it finds it, or if I delete a number of words from the end of the title I’m searching for (e.g. just “Code should have”) then it finds the notecard.

Is it possible to change how the search works, so that the fuzzy matcher can find a notecard when you give the complete title, but without the first word/number?

Thanks for the request + bug report! In order:

  1. Manual sort is coming, but there are some complexities that still need to be nailed down to make them work consistently when considering shared contexts with published and unpublished cards.

  2. This does seem like unintentional poor behavior of the fuzzy search. We will include a fix in the upcoming Supernotes 2 release.

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