Notes need to be clean up regularly

How do you clean up your notes acre? After moving/importing big chunks of existing notes from Obsidian into Supernotes I realized that a lot of notes are either outdated or no more useful for me :thinking:.
Perhaps this is the wrong community category, but how do you solve the note acre in general? What are your ideas, hints or best practices about this relevant part around note taking. What does help in Supernotes?
Many thanks Oliver.

Two quick ideas

  • Make permanent notes only. Use your supernotes knowledge base only for those kind of notes that have permanent value in the first place. This is to say that transient notes, i.e. gift ideas, movies to watch, belong in a different, more action-oriented system.
  • Boy scout rule. Always leave a place cleaner than you found it. Whenever you interact with your notes, enhance or archive them.

These are ideas that probably won’t help you in your current task of migration, but thereafter contribute to keeping your database tidy.


Great compact ideas @freisatz, many thanks for sharing. Indeed is note taking done very quickly, but there is no expiration date. So regular note maintance is needed to verify what is really needed in the long run. It took me hours and dozens of outdated notes wandered into junk …