On 3.0.2 some outline items missing on iPhone only

I noticed with the latest update, a few cards are missing from my outline but only on the iPhone app. On iPadOS they all still show up correctly. It’s 2-3 items missing from the outline. When I go to look at the cards on the iPhone app, they still have priority noted and otherwise look correct.

And actually it looks like it’s now happing on both. I also tried changing a card from priority to visible and back again and it still wasn’t showing up.

I will assume these cards have parents? We changed the tree algorithm to be a bit more aggressive and not to include cards in the Outline if that card has parents which are all not visible in the Outline or if all parents are archived. So if you have a card with one parent, and that parent is not outlined because its visibility is < Priority, it will not show up. If it has two parents and one is Priority and the other is Visible, you will of course only see it in the Priority parent.

Does this explain the behavior you’re seeing?

Ah, ya it looks like that does explain it.

Could you talk more about the nature of the parents? Do you actually want cards to show up if they have parents not in the outline? We haven’t 100% settled on how exactly the tree should determine inclusion in those edge cases.

I did want them to show up but the logic you mentioned is workable too. I would sometimes want to remove an item from an outline only to find that all its children cards were would get featured after removing the parent which would make it take a while to remove them all.

The parents in these cases are higher level categories that I’m not currently focused on but to which the priority card belongs. An example would be a parent being a list of all goals and the featured priority card being this year’s goals.