Only Show Relevant Tags in Filter

I couldn’t find a feature request for this so hopefully I am not making a duplicate request.

When I am using the filter button while looking at a parent card with a bunch of children it shows all tags that I have made. I wish that it would only show me tags that appear in my parent card or children. That would make it way easier to filter the children instead of having to remember which tags appear in the children cards. I don’t want to choose a tag to filter with if it doesn’t even appear in my children card. It adds a little bit of cognitive overload to scroll through all of my tags and remember which ones appear in my children card.

Hopefully that makes sense.


Thanks for the feature request! We’ve considered this previously, and the primary reason we didn’t want to do it is because of the “auto-tagging” feature that happens when filtering by a tag.

If you have a tag filter enabled in the filters, any new card created will automatically have that tag as well. If we limited the available tags to only be ones which already exist in the parent/child cards, you would not be able to use that feature to add new tags to new child cards.

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I do agree that tags would indeed benefit from a bit more visibility. As an idea which I didn’t think through at all, wouldn’t a separate tag cloud serve this purpose? Maybe as an additional header, below the noteboard’s parent card, above the list of children? I’m just thinking out load…

I’ve seen posts requesting information about relevant tags (Only Show Relevant Tags in Filter)
The developer team’s thinking is that this design will affect the current design of autotagging.
I’d like to discuss the fact that filtering multiple tags should be done more often than auto-tagging.
Also, a slight modification could be made so that when a tag is clicked during filtering, a pin button in front of the tag is clicked to fix the tag, and any new cards created by the user under this filter will be labeled with that tag. :pushpin:

In the Capacities tag design, there is a relevant tags function, but after clicking on the relevant tag, it doesn’t provide a quick filtering function of tagA + tagB. Just jump to tagB page.

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