Open window with blank canvas/noteboard

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I open a new tab with Supernotes to make a note on something, I get distracted by the cards in my home screen (or wherever I was last). This interrupts my flow a bit. The obvious solution is that when I open a new tab of Supernotes it just displays a blank note board (with the standard type-to-create-a-card feature): this would make my first interaction more intentional. Of course not everyone will want this so perhaps it could be a setting. Just an idea.


I like that idea. Maybe this would be a side effect if an inbox section would be implemented, which would the dedicated place to just drop things and ideally would be cleared regularly by you the user so that most of the time, you’d see a blank canvas.

Sorry for capturing your feature request :wink:

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Great ideas! A new thoughts view will be arriving in 1.8, exactly for this purpose @freisatz :wink:

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