Option for using native title bar in linux

It would be nice to have the ability to use the native title bar in the Linux app (gnome in my case). This would allow users to use features of the desktop environment such as “keep app on top” that requires right clicking the title bar in order to activate, or simply allow for using title bar shortcuts that the user has setup. It will also let the app fit in better with the system.

Hi @mazen,

Thank you for your suggestion. We understand the need for this, however, the reason we’ve kept it the same is for consistency across different versions and themes of Linux. There’s too many for us to realistically support officially. We don’t use native toolbars as that will negatively impact the interface.

Although, we can look into adding the “right click to pin to top” feature if that would be helpful for you?

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Thank you for your kind response.

What I meant is to add an option to just let the system draw its own title bar instead of the supernotes one. I understand why you might think it might negatively affect the interface with some themes or systems for example, but if it’s an option that is disabled by default and can be enabled by users who specifically want it then I think it should be fine. Many Linux apps that draw their own title bar take this approach and give the user an option to just use the native title bar.

I think pin on top is a really good feature especially for a notes app. Thankfully we can do that easily in gnome but if you get it to work from the app itself on windows also for example it would be a great feature for windows users. Especially since supernotes is designed for short and organized notes, so it would make sense that a user might want to keep supernotes pinned for example while researching something on the web.