Order by hierarchical relationships in depth > 1 views

The new card depth feature is fantastic! It’s perfect for progressively drilling down to further detail into the various relationships among cards.

One thing I have noticed, however, is that sort orders can sometimes conflict with parental relationships in list views with depth > 1. I’d love to have a list view (either through a new sort option or another mechanism) that clusters cards by parental relationships (not just cardinality of child/parent) or at least indicates the relationship visually by some other means.

For example, if T is the parent of R, and T is a child of N, it’d be great to have a means to render cards for N’s noteboard view such that R follows T in the list when depth 2 is selected.

Thanks for your continual work on this great product!

Glad you’re liking depth! Yep, showing a card’s depth within the UI and utilizing that for sort is actually something we wanted as well. However, we were struggling to make that work in a way that maintained performance beyond a few dozen cards / depth levels and that allowed for consistent behavior between views (i.e. Graph view).

One of the reasons we were actually able to ship depth in the end is that we had a minor conceptual breakthrough and came up with a new system which has great consistency and performance, with the caveat that it architecturally makes the above sub-feature impossible.

We would still like to have our cake and eat it too if we can find a way to do it that works well, but full disclosure I don’t see that happening any time soon. But if we come up with something I’ll update this thread :slight_smile:

Sounds good, I can live with that tradeoff, thanks for the response!