Ordering tags alphabetically, manually or by order of entry

Each of my cards contains a lot of tags, it would be great to have an option to list the tags alphabetically, manually be able to move a tag up or down the list or to have them list by order of entry.
For example I have different cards on hypercalcemia and would like to rearrange the tags differently.

Use parent cards to build a hierarchy of topics and concepts. Tags are more for things like #code, #tweet, or #definition.
In your case, I would use descriptors as #ECG or #USMLE as tags and put this notecard under Hypercalcemia card.
Tags aren’t supposed to be used more than 5 times on a notecard because they become useless that way.
I hope guys will release ability to filter by parent card soon so we could find specific intersections between various topics.

Also, in your insane second notecard there seems to be an attempt to use tags to build a hierarchy :sweat_smile:
Card hierarchy works so well for those things! Try it out!

By the way, you can add me as a friend in Supernotes so I’d show you some examples of how I use Supernotes so we could learn from each other :raising_hand_man:t3:
My username is nikita.korobkin.

Hi Nikita thanks for you feedback, I started trying the parent card and children card system to build a hierarchy, at first I got confused but I think i will adopt it. I was up to 600 cards so I have to reorganize them again. I will still use a couple of tags but way less like you said so that I can filter topics by using 2 or mutiple tags.