Parent/child and linked card navigation/traversing with a keyboard

I typically find myself using SN in two main modes.

Mode 1: Taking notes, making links between cards, parent/child associations, etc.
Mode 2: Searching through my collection because I know there is a note on something I need or trying to navigate through some relationship tree when reviewing a concept.

This request is for the mode 2 type usage.

Minor: I find the search modal quite small in all directions, with respect to the available viewport. i can only see a few options before having to scroll and titles generally get cut off, meaning I have to ponder if the card is indeed what I am looking for. Let’s say I have two cards that start with the same two words - there have been many times I choose the wrong one based on what I can see in the search modal. Would love for this to be more sizeable (or have customization options).

Major: When I find and choose a card, there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to navigate it’s parents and links via a keyboard. A huge part of my love for SN is the fact that you folks are clearly dedicating time and effort to making it a keyboard friendly app and I think there is nothing worse than having to reach for a mouse all the time :grimacing:

While I can use “Shift + space” to pop into a card view (love the ability to do this), I can’t find an easy keyboard friendly way to pop into the parent card of the current card or navigate through cards that are linked in the current card.

Are there any plans or developments underway to add this type of keyboard functionality?


Hi @fuzzy.beach,

Thanks for the in-depth feature request.

This is definitely something we want to improve on, we’ve tested lots of different prototypes for this, including just having the parent cover just be a card; but haven’t settled on a flow we liked yet. We will make sure to address this soon, and have bumped up the priority of this for you.

In the meantime, using the Universal Search (CMD + K) is a good way to quickly access a parent card, although a dedicated keybinding would be a lot better!


Thanks, glad this is being looked at! I certainly use the search for now, but it adds some overhead to navigating around :+1: