Pasting into card unexpected behavior

When I paste into a card’s title input, the value I paste is then:

  1. Added as the title of a card, that card is created
  2. Another new card is created without a value in its title, but the pasted value is in the body of the card. I am then focused on that card

Tried this on a Daily view and when I have a card opened as the parent in the noteboard.

You can see the bug in this video

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Thanks for the bug report and the screen recording @nucleogenesis, – that’s very helpful!

We’ve replicated this bug on our end, and it seems like it only occurs when pasting into a title of a new card, if you paste in the title of a card that already exists, this bug does not occur.

We will make sure to fix this in the next minor update.


@tobias can you post here when the update fixes this issue? Therefore, I can monitor this thread. :slight_smile:

Yep @bkemmer, we do that with all updates / bug fixes :slight_smile:

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