Supernotes 2.0.2

Supernotes 2.0.2 has been released :tada:

Thank you for all of your recent feedback on Supernotes 2, this minor release addresses the recent bugs and adds lots of quality of life improvements.

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below. We will be focusing on our mobile apps now, including offline mode for all devices! :technologist:

Improvements & Fixes

  • Add spell check to editor on mobile
  • Add ability to Go to Today by pressing “Go to Daily” twice - #908 by @daniela1
  • Add image pasting inline in the editor #128 by @jimmy
  • Add drag-and-drop image support to editor
  • Add targeted date sort order #882 by @fredmarkle
  • Add comment editing functionality
  • Add support for variable whitespace between - and [ ] for checkboxes
  • Add support for fetching webpage titles automatically when pasting links #709 by @MarkoUX
  • Add removal of tags from the registry in the Tag Coupler
  • Add Locate in Outline hotkey, Cmd + Shift + O #906 by @JamesT
  • Add code wrap hotkey, Cmd + . to editor
  • Add LaTeX wrap hotkey, Cmd + j to editor
  • Add backtick, *, _, ~ as a selection wrap option in editor
  • Add <kbd> support in editor, with fancy rendered keys in display mode
  • Add new ‘Book Onboarding’ option in the Help menu
  • Re-add quick link feature #848 by @JamesT
  • Re-add escape to close modal dialogs and image preview #907 by @daniela1
  • Re-add ability to open Command Prompt while editing a card
  • Improve behaviour of cards in the Daily Collection #866 by @noremac
  • Improve syncing of cards between devices #912 by @fredmarkle
  • Improve Solo Mode to hide collaboration filters #498 by @Eatmoresushi
  • Improve hotkeys in markdown to have multi-line awareness, i.e. inline vs multi-line code-blocks / LaTeX
  • Improve share links to be more obvious with hover actions
  • Improve desktop app updates to update in the background
  • Fix chinese and korean input bug #803 by @yistc and #937 by @wldh
  • Fix content removal protection feature, so that blank cards cannot be created and content is still present in edit mode #830 by @fredmarkle
  • Fix monospace font library to include support for extended characters #838 by @dmych
  • Fix inconsistencies with tag deletion #829 by @fredmarkle
  • Fix irregular pasting behaviour in card titles #913 by @nucleogenesis
  • Fix issue where “really quit?” was not functioning correctly on the Desktop Apps #981 by @bartosz
  • Fix password reset form being case-sensitive to emails
  • Fix focusing issues between cards and noteboard
  • Fix performance issues #853 by @Novi
  • Remove ‘Made with Supernotes’ pdf watermark for subscribers #710 by @noremac
  • Removal of the fancy app update modal as updates now happen in the background

This is an impressive collection of fixes and quality of life improvements that all add up to make Supernotes even more delightful to use! Thank you. :heart:


Great to see this ship! Thank you!

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Great quality improvements! Thanks :heart:

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Thanks a ton for this nice collection of little improvements! They truly are great additions to power users’ experience :smiley:

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