PDF export problem - random gray square

Seems like there is a problem exporting to PDF in the latest release on the arm version for macos.
Whenever i try to export there is a random gray square over the title on the first page.
Also a light gray circle in there🤔

EDIT: Cant upload PDF here it seems so see attached screenshots


I am also on MacOS App (Running MacOS 12.4, Supernotes 2.1.2) Running MacBook Pro M1

If I export with an icon I get a grey circle over it however if I just do a normal export I don’t see the same issue as yourself.

I am just using the Print/Export as PDF then saving via the PDF via the print dialogue

Screenshots below.

With Icon:

Without Icon:

Hi @kakka0930 thanks for the bug report, and thanks @bmccafferty for the further info and bug replication :slight_smile:

We’ve looked into this and it seems like this is caused by an artefact from the Active View menu which is open when you press the “Print / Save as PDF” button. Without opening this menu, please try exporting using the CMD + P hotkey, hopefully there will be no artefacts in the generated PDF. Let us know how you get on, and we will make sure to patch this in the next update.

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