Persistent Pinned Cards

Click refresh and all your pinned notes are gone

Hi @Timber welcome to the Supernotes community, thanks for opening this discussion! :tada:

Pinning was introduced in the most recent update and is intended to be session scoped. By refreshing your page and creating a new session, pinned notes will reset.

I have modified this topic to be a feature request though, as we were wondering what all of you would prefer, here’s a quick poll:

  • Pinned cards are reset between sessions
  • Pinned cards are saved between sessions

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Thanks for the clarification Tobias!
I do prefer the pin feature to be persistent because I tent to have multiple pinned item at once, and after working for a while it is annoying when I accidentally refresh the page and loosing all of my pinned items.

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Thanks to everyone who voted. @Timber you’re thinking makes a lot of sense and we have decided to go ahead to make pinned notes persistent between sessions. This will be added very soon after our Desktop Apps are out :zap:


@Timber, we have just released Supernotes 1.7.0, and now your pinned cards are saved!

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