Persistent search mode

Hi! Me again with Search feature requests :grimacing:

One corner i often find myself in is the following loop:

  1. Search for card
  2. Click on one of the results
  3. Realize it is not what I am looking for
  4. Go back with Esc
  5. Search modal is gone, meaning I have to open it again, type in the search string, navigate back to where I was in the result list and try another card
  6. If the second card is not it, loop back again.

It would be great if one could navigate back to the search modal that already has the current query results and pickup the search where it was left off!

I know that you could pop up the modal instead of Esc, but it still has the issue of being blank :frowning:


That’s a fair point, I think that is probably a common workflow for many.

We will have a think and see how we can make this better.