Pin/unpin shortcut (Alt+Space) Doesn't Work on Windows

I’m experiencing a small but annoying bug using Supernotes Desktop App on Windows 7.

Steps to reproduce: highlight a note, press Alt+Space
Expected behavior: note is pinned or unpinned
Actual behavior: opens the “window menu” of the app (shows options like minimize, move, etc)

This happens because Alt+Space is a system-wide shortcut in Windows. I’ve searched online but it does not seem possible to disable the shortcut and instead allow Supernotes to process it.

Supernotes should really let you customize shortcuts, or at minimum they should work. :slight_smile:

Hi Prescott, welcome to the Supernotes Community :tada:

Thanks for the report. I can definitely see how this is annoying – we will amend this keyboard shortcut in a future update so you will be able to use it on Windows.