Supernotes 2.1.2

Supernotes 2.1.2 has been released :tada:

Thank you for your feedback here on the forum, this minor release addresses some outstanding bugs and adds lots of quality of life improvements.

As always if you’ve reported a bug / made a feature suggestion here on the forum, you are credited in our release notes below – looking forward to sharing more updates with you soon! :parasol_on_ground:

  • Improve drag and drop card name tooltips to include preview content and better contrast
  • Improve performance of switches across the platform
  • Improve copy of email change notification
  • Improve mac hotkeys so that ctrl does not mirror cmd
  • Improve toolbar buttons on mobile so they don’t toggle the active view
  • Improve hotkey to pin cards to include ‘Alt Graph’ for windows devices #1158 by @Prescott
  • Improve link title autofetch to support all of UTF-8 including Korean
  • Improve Command Prompt search algorithm to bring up more relevant results
  • Fix issue where cards would lock preventing further editing
  • Fix invalid card links not responding as intended
  • Fix pink screen flash on initial load
  • Fix cursor occasionally getting stuck when trying to edit a card
  • Fix issue where card content was not clickable on fade out before ‘see more’
  • Fix a new parent badge from flashing on and off immediately after it is added
  • Fix long card names from overflowing in the Outline on mobile
  • Fix visual bug of titles on mobile sheets
  • Fix screen rotation from breaking the interface on tablet devices