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Think this is just a nice to have, it’s not a deal breaker.

Just adding a sort function on the pinned list. I know it’s latest first by default, maybe an oldest first and a-z as well.



Yep, that’s a great idea.

It’s currently in the pipeline, but as part of a bigger change that we’re not talking publicly about except to say it should hopefully make things like this much easier in all sorts of ways. Currently the focus is on getting mobile apps on app stores but after that this will probably be the next big thing.

I realize this is a bit vague but it should be great – more to come!


Looking forward to it @connor . I have returned to SuperNotes as the others, even Evernote with all its hype of getting better still don’t do it like you guys. I mean when the business owners take time to contact you face to face and go through the platform that for is amazing (I was Karper71 then).
I am really screaming for the Android App though as it is still a little hard on mobile to use. I know when this is out your subscription will increase dramatically. I will certainly plug you at every opportunity I can.


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