Please let me know about where the LaTeX error occurs

Hello, im sorry for spam-like many feedbacks :sweat_smile:

Many latex renderers have error detection feature.


  1. when I mistyped cap as cab (partially renderable)
\mathbb A = \{ \mathbb X_1 \text{ in } A_1 \} \cab \{ \mathbb X_2 \text{ in } A_2 \} \cab\cdot\cab \{ \mathbb X_n \text{ in } A_1 \}
                 All caps are mistyped as "cab"~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~^
  1. and when I made a typo from ] to } (unparsable).
\mathbb A = \{ \mathbb X_1 \text{ in ] A_1 \} \cab \{ \mathbb X_2 \text{ in } A_2 \} \cab\cdot\cab \{ \mathbb X_n \text{ in } A_1 \}
                                     ^~ Unparsable because of this typo

Services Partially Renderable Syntax Unparsable Wrong Syntax
Dropbox Paper
MathJax 2

In “partially renderable” cases, all above renderers notified about the error with error point.
In “unparsable” cases, Overleaf & KaTeX provided useful clues about the error point.

But supernotes does not have.

But in both error cases, supernotes just displayed raw code without any error message.

So my feedback is

Plus to the uncomfortableness of typing LaTeX code using sans-serif font, hard LaTeX error finding experience discourages myself to write note cards.

I’ll happy if LaTeX typing environment is enhanced.


Thanks for the comprehensive feedback!

Improved LaTeX behavior will be introduced alongside our new WYSIWYG editor, including error handling and (probably) font control.

You can find more discussion about the new WYSIWYG editor here.

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