Possibilities for Enhanced Note Connections in Supernotes

Would it be possible for Supernotes to offer suggestions for related notes to link, or present unlinked notes similar to Obsidian?


Hi @jenniferc,

Thank you for your suggestion! We’ve taken a look at your request and would like to bring up a few things:

  1. How would you like to see this on Supernotes’ interface? Or where would you like to see it pop-up within our notecard format? We’d love to see your ideas or suggestions.

  2. As you may know, typing [[ in a card shows suggestions of recent cards in the in-line cardlink coupler (pictured below) – which we like because it’s more purposeful and prevents unnecessary linking.

We also have the Parents system which is unique to Supernotes so users can create hierarchies, and we try our best to make Supernotes as purposeful as possible in what we want to link to, but understand that on the other hand it’s nice to have this ability to resurface content. Would you be a fan of suggesting Parents as well underneath the title?

Feel free to share any further thoughts you might have :innocent:

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