Presentation or slides mode

One of the features that is driving me to use Obsidian right now is the slides or presentation mode (or its advanced slides plugin). Logseq also has one. Being able to quickly create slides presentations from my markdown notes is something I really like and makes my life easier (as an instructor). Both Obsidian and Logseq use RevealJS in the background to generate the presentation.

By the way, the 2.0 release of Supernotes is really awesome. It is closed to becoming my daily driver if not for a few features that I really need at the moment. But overall, I really like Supernotes and where it is heading to. Keep up the excellent work!

Thanks in advance!


That’s a great idea! It’s actually something we’ve considered a bit as we’ve personally made presentations out of Supernotes cards, but yes a one-click “open presentation view” or “export as presentation” could be very cool.