Pressing ENTER after a tag and a space deletes the tag

Pressing ENTER after a tag and a space deletes the tag. Here is a video (Big Sur, Safari).
If you press ENTER right after the tag it is not deleted.

This is the intended behavior, as part of the “auto-list” functionality.

When you are automatically creating a list, a space is added after the item. If you click ENTER again (when your cursor is just immediately after a bullet, the newly created list item is removed, as a way to easily “escape” from auto-list when you’re done (just press ENTER twice).

If there is no space, that means you are not using auto-list, so we don’t automatically wipe the list prefix for you.

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I experimented a little bit with ‘double-enter’ feature and (in general) liked it.
There is one small issue though: auto-list does not work when you are trying to add an item as the first element of the list. Instead is just deletes the list tag.


- second
- third

If you try to add new item in the middle or at the end of the list (by putting cursor after either of a ‘d’ letters - everything works well:

- second
- second and a half
- third
- fourth

But how do you use auto-list to enter the first line of the list? If you put cursor right in the beginning of the text it just shifts entire text a line (which is expected):

- second
- third

If you put the cursor after a dash and a space (’- ') the markdown tag will be deleted after pressing Enter:

- third

Personally, I like how Apple Notes deals with this issue. Instead of deleting auto-inserted tag on second Enter they are deleting it by pressing Delete. This allow to use Enter to trigger ‘auto-list’ on every line (even on first one).

Here is a video of this behaviour if my explanation was not clear enough.

So, I still suggest to use Delete to delete the auto-inserted tag (instead of second Enter).