Previous / next page shortcut on iOS

I know that there is a shortcut to get to the previous & next page on Mac and the web app using the ⌘ + arrow but it does not seem to work on iPad when I use the magic / external keyboard.

Would be nice to have the same functionality as I use this shortcut a lot and I travel exclusively with an iPad so I’m left with no possibility to go back and forward but to go to “Home” UNLESS of course I use the web app on Safari, which I’m trying not to.

As for iPhone, swipe gestures should do the trick, which I believe is being worked on?

Thanks again.

Hi @deadelia,

So in theory the keyboard commands for previous and next page should work on iPad. I just posted a similar thread here re. iPad shortcuts (iPad) Highlighting Text - Keyboard Shortcut - #5 by tobias. Moving forward we will moving to Ctrl shortcuts on iPad.

Re. iOS swipe gestures, these are currently working in one of our development builds of Supernotes, however we aren’t happy yet with it’s functionality. We will expand it so you can swipe back to previewed cards and different pages within the same noteboard. It is slated to arrive in a 3.1.X release.

ah right okay. in the meantime, i’ll just the web app on iPad until the shortcuts get added to the app. i’m just so used to using the quick coupler key as well.

thanks Tobias!