Progress indicator

Could you guys add a progress indicator for tasks or for cards?
This will help indicate progress status for tasks, projects, papers, etc.
It could start simple, such as a circle shaded 25, 50, 75, 100% or progress bar indicator.


A good idea! So good we’ve considered it before. Honestly I cannot remember why we didn’t follow through with that one – I think it might’ve been that we couldn’t find a great place to stick it without cluttering the interface a bit too much. We will have an internal discussion and see how we feel now that it’s 2024 :blush:


Thanks! Maybe starting small/simple and see how it goes. It will be helpful in many situations.

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Thanks for bringing this request back up! Progress bars are useful for project completion, i.e., 50% done vs 75% done. I’ve been using templates that contain my capsule completion jpegs, which works okay, but a simpler and quicker solution would be appreciated.