Proposal for a Developer Bounty System

Thanks for all the amazing work with Supernotes!

Have you considered starting a bounty system for developers? This system would focus on encouraging the creation of plugins, automations, temporary solutions, and enhancements around your existing API (so happy that you exposed it! already have a few ideas started with vector search through notes, OpenAI Assistants with API access to my notes, etc.) with the goal of increasing your velocity as founders.

Key Benefits:

  1. Encouraging Power Users: By offering bounties, you can attract skilled developers and power users who are capable of creating valuable automations and plugins. This would not only expand your toolset but also bring fresh, innovative ideas to the table.
  2. Community Evaluation and Feedback: Such a system allows the community to actively participate in evaluating these contributions. Users can try out new features and provide real-world feedback, ensuring that only the most effective and user-friendly enhancements make their way into the official product.
  3. Driving Innovation: A bounty system is a proven way to drive innovation. It creates a competitive yet collaborative environment where developers are motivated to contribute their best work.
  4. Rewarding Volunteer Work: This approach acknowledges the time and effort put in by volunteers. It’s a way of giving back to those who contribute significantly to the platform’s growth and development.

Case Study:

A similar initiative has been successfully implemented by They introduced a bounty system for developers to create import functionalities from other apps, as seen here: Obsidian Importer Bounties.


Hi @marcmlyn,

This is a very interesting idea, thanks for sharing. We’d like to encourage more users to build on top of our API, and it would indeed drive innovation and faster development.

We already have our own ‘Feature Preview’ system that Unlimited members can trial out new work-in-progress features before anyone else. And have recently created a “Community Creations” in our new Developer Documentation. We’ll see what we else we can do to stimulate more developer interest!

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