Public Roadmap?

Just joined today and stated to play about adding my first notes etc (Coming from Obsidian (for most of my notes) and Logseq (really only using it for meeting notes in work due to its offline nature and local file storage as it includes customer data))

Really enjoying it so far.

I see lots of great feedback and things under consideration or development. I love the idea of having an active community page for a product and I love the team is based in the UK!

What I was wondering was…

Is there an overall board or page tracking what is currently on the roadmap?

Perhaps a link to a Supernotes page showing everything that’s currently being looked at by the team perhaps split my short and longer term?

Hi @bmccafferty, welcome to the Supernotes Community! We are really happy to hear you are enjoying Supernotes :tada:

While we don’t have a specific public roadmap (for reasons below), we add statuses to feature requests here on the forum. If you filter by “In Development” you will be able to see all the features that will definitely make it into Supernotes soon – Topics tagged in-development. For longer term features those are marked as “Under Consideration”.

We are a small agile team (just two of us build everything), and we like to quickly adapt to what all of you on the Supernotes Community ask for, and this is why we don’t have a public set-in-stone roadmap. @connor summed this up very well in a post a while back:

With every major update we send out an email outlining the features, and where our focus is next. Currently our top priority is our mobile apps for release on the App Stores – which includes major features like offline editing and an improved mobile writing experience. Looking forward to sharing this with you soon!


Appreciated thanks :slight_smile:
Good work for just the two of you congrats :slight_smile:

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