Quick Back / Forward Navigation

Loving the 3.1 release. One of my favorite features is the quick [[ entry to link to a new card. This really opens up a new world of linking cards together because it took too long to really use much before.

I noticed that if I link a few cards and then click on one, it’s tough to get back to the original card.

It would be really helpful to have keyboard shortcuts to go forward / back quickly. I think command/control [ or ] is pretty standard or command/control right/left arrow would also be nice.

It could have an onscreen back/forth button that might help for phones but the keyboard shortcut would be the most helpful.

This might be connected to this request:

Again, great work on the release. This is a huge step forward with speed and usability - really excited to be using the new version.

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Do you mean when in the preview? We actually already have quick-navigation when it comes to “views” (e.g. collections, cards, daily, etc), which is just to press CTRL/CMD + ArrowRight/ArrowLeft and that should take you backwards and forwards in views.

Maybe it just doesn’t work on iPadOS?