Quick Filtering

I know there are other posts about filtering and I know you all are working on it currently. I wanted to point you towards a note competitor for a possible way to filter notes. I find the way Bundled Notes is quick and very intuitive. It’s the best note filter I have used. Just wanted to throw it out as a possible influence in what you come up with. If you haven’t tried it before, give it a shot on Android. The app has it’s drawbacks which is why I use Supernotes instead, but I do like it’s filtering.

Bundled Notes

Thanks for the suggestion @fredmarkle, bundled notes looks like it has a very simple but fast implementation for filters.

Yes we’re working on improving filtering, although we’ve been focusing on our mobile apps and offline mode in recent weeks. The new filtering mechanics on Supernotes will start simple, but also incredibly be extensible, with the ability to use both AND and OR filters; as well as saving regularly used combinations of filters. Hopefully we can get something out soon after offline mode.

(I’ve moved this into Thoughts & Feedback, since it’s a more a suggestion rather than a specific feature request)

Go point, yeah better fit over there. Thanks for moving it.