Random sort re-randomizes every refresh

On web applications, random sorting is re-performed every time the page is refreshed.

On Android devices, the application refreshes every time the phone is unlocked.

Is this intentional design or a bug? :thinking:

Hi @hahahumble,

This will change with the introduction of offline mode in Supernotes 3, the state will also be persisted and stay the same on both web and Android. Once 3.0 is released, do let us know if you are happy with the behaviour then and if it’s consistent across the web and Android apps for you.


Thank you for your reply, I’m really looking forward to the release of Supernotes 3.0. :heart_eyes:

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It seems that this issue still exists in Supernotes 3.0

Hi @hahahumble,

Unfortunately, we decided not to implement this in the end as sort by random is intended to be random. Storing the random sort order and persisting it between sessions didn’t end up making much sense, so I’m marking this as “Intended Behavior” for now.

However if anyone else feels strongly about this, we are open to reconsidering this in the future. Please comment below or like @hahahumble’s original post above so we can gauge interest.

Supernotes desktop app reorders randomly every time the window is refocused, this is obviously not ideal. :neutral_face:

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Yeah, that’s fair, it is even more aggressive than it used to be. We will stabilize it in the next release.

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