Ranking by recency/context in the Command Prompts

One thread that links together several of my posts (see 1, 2 and 3) and requests is a worry about cluttering the various Parent/Link/Command Prompt (and also Tag) lists.

To put the thought out there, ‘better’ search and/or relevancy/recency ranking could help mitigate this concern substantially. ‘Sufficiently intelligent search’ certainly isn’t a panacea and can sometimes be an anti-pattern (I would much prefer explicit unindex to just trying to ‘magic it away with search’), That said, it can make a huge difference prior to manual optimization by a user.

Right now the reason why I’m interested in a keyboard shortcut for home and up/down is because the search doesn’t prioritize Home when I type ‘Cmd+K → H’ and doesn’t put the parents and children of the current note high up in the Command Prompt. If the typeaheads and search were ‘smarter’ and did that, I might just use those all the time instead.

Algolia is probably not a fit here, but it’s historically had support for ranking based on recent, context, user behaviour, demographic, etc…

There’s no need to go that far, recency (like fasd) and context (parent/child) might be enough to make a huge dent here and make it far less concerning to have cards like ‘Tasks 07/2020’, ‘Tasks 08/2020’, where currently you have no idea whether the current or past versions will be prioritized in search.

I appreciate that I’m proposing what could be a fair amount of work — and I’m sure that you had something around ranking in mind on your roadmap already — but hopefully this is some useful material and food for thought at least. :slight_smile:

Great suggestion @tekacs. We will be improving the Command Prompt in a future update, whereby commands will generally always be the first results, even in the case of an exact match. So if you had a card called “Go Home” it would rank below the command called “Go Home”.

As another consideration (I should actually make a poll for this somewhere) – we have wanted to make keyboard shortcuts for everything on the platform for a while now, where for example you can just press [h] to go home.

However, we really like the “type to create a new card” functionality, which obviously conflicts with the above.

We are still trying to figure out how the UX can suit the most people and their needs without being clunky / confusing.

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