Rapid access code snippets

Thought I’d share one of the ways I’m really enjoying using supernotes.

In the last 8 months I’ve started a PhD in meteorology and learnt to write models of chaotic systems in python. I made a ‘code’ parent card to store useful snippets, or links to useful stackoverflow pages. I find this really useful because it’s so much faster to look up a snippet in supernotes than to open up a previous project and trawl through to work out how I implemented something previously!


This is awesome @daniela1, thanks for sharing your workflow! We have also just implemented auto-formatting when pasting content from a webpage, such as Stack Overflow or Github. Hopefully you will find that useful, here’s what it looks like in action:

Good luck with the PhD!

Rather than having a dedicated parent card, I just tag my cards with #code or #algorithm or #equation. That way I can get all my code / pseudo code / equations from throughout my entire home by filtering for those tags

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