Reminders (Single Use & Recurring)

I’d like the ability to add reminders to cards, which would allow me to specify a date and time on a card.

This would allow me to store meeting notes that have actions that should be followed up on


Concurring here on how valuable this would be — for what it’s worth, the two places where I’ve found the experience to be almost ideal in this regard are Google Keep and ‘Things’ for iOS/Mac.

Linked to this would be the ability to use structured meta-data, including things like date, number fields etc.
The ability to add Date fields that could be queried would be very useful:
“get meeting notes from 01/04/2019 : 04/12/2019”

I suppose this would be linked to this post from #productivity-tips


Yes, very much so — something like Markdown front-matter could also be a lighter-weight alternative if this is something that is too much work for now — but structured metadata would be phenomenal.