Remove cards from view that are allocated to a parent

I’ve just started trialing Supernotes coming from Keep, I’ve imported my notes and I’ve been adding them to parents.

I’d like to be able to hide the notes that have parents from my home view, so that way reminders and recent notes that need attention are easy to see but I can’t see a straightforward way to do that.

Another way to explain what I am trying to do is once I have allocated a note as a child is to “put it away” so its our of the main view with notes not attached to a parent still “out of the box” until they are sorted.

Is there a simple way to achieve this?

Hi @Zulualfadelta, currently we have a partial solution to this, which is the “Thoughts” view. This is a collection of cards that don’t have parents or don’t have either a title or content. So it will filter out most cards with parents, but not ones that are lacking a title or content.

Custom collections is on the near-term roadmap, which will allow you to customize such collections (or create new ones) as much as you want and the existing design should entirely cover your use-case. We will add your +1 for that feature!