Request for Folders for Collections

I’ve been finding the ability to create collections really useful. But it’s tough to add more than 6 and still find them easily and not get in the way of the outline, especially on mobile.

It would be really helpful to be able to put them into folders for organization and so it’s easier to create a lot more and not make the list overwhelming.

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Hi @Itsben,

You’re absolutely right. That’s one reason we recommend keeping 3 to 8 collections at any one time.

While we’re not completely against the idea, it’s currently unlikely that we’ll add folders for collections. Collections are designed to be root-level objects, representing things that are currently on your mind, and to enforce simplicity. Adding folders could counteract that simplicity.

Could you provide an example of how you’d like to structure different collections within folders and explain what they are? We might find alternative ways to improve this for you. As always, if you prefer to message us directly for privacy reasons, feel free to use the in-app messenger.