Respect original creation date on Import

I wrote the support line about this, but wanted to share it here so others can vote on it if they agree.

When importing notes, it would be great if the imported notes respected the creation date of the original imported note (not the date I imported it). For Markdown, when I export notes from another program (like Apple Notes), it maintains the note creation date as the file created date. It also preserves a separate “modified date” too. Ideally, SN would use the file created/modified date as the Card created/modified date upon import. Otherwise, all my imported notes show as today which is quite annoying for the timeline views. Also, notes that I created 2 years ago are intermixed with notes I created a day ago which interrupts my workflow.

Thanks for considering!

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Hi @maurelius,

The ‘Created’ date of a card has been designed to be the exact timestamp you added it to Supernotes whether that was via an import, integration or directly through the app. Modifying this date is something we want to avoid and that’s why we introduced the ‘Targeted’ date, with the new Daily view to override the created date of a card. So you could assign cards to different days.

Would you be happy if we set the ‘Targeted’ date of the card to be original creation date of the imported note? This way you will still be able to see on which date you imported a bunch of notes (via. the Created date) and have them show up on their original creation days in the Daily view (via. the Targeted date) so it won’t clutter up your views?

This would be the ideal behavior for me when I import my notes.

Hi @tinkerware,

This has already been implemented! Is it not working for you?

Oh, that’s good to know! I’ll try it with a part of my Ulysses notes pretty soon. I’ve been playing with Supernotes on my IPad since yesterday and haven’t attempted bringing in notes on my Mac yet.