Save/Finish a note

I am finding that saving or finishing a note is challenging. I have tried Supernotes on iOS and MacOS and it is equally problematic on both platforms.

On MacOS I tried copying over an existing markdown file into a new note. It was quite long so the bottom bar with the button to finish the note was off screen. I clicked around to the calendar, settings and other notes and the original note never saved. Only later did I discover the bottom right option to finish. However, even there I see command+enter should finish the note. After clicking around to other things outside of that note, it appears command+enter doesn’t work if the cursor is not in the body of the note.

On iOS there is no keyboard shortcut to finish so if a note gets long, it’s off screen.

There should be a universal key command, right click, or tap and hold option to save a note, even an auto save if you move away to something else in the app.


Hi @denleschae, thanks for the feedback!

The two display / edit modes of Supernotes is quite unique and we’ve done this for a variety of reasons → but most of all to create both, a better reading experience and a better editing experience. While in your case, with long cards, you’re right this is a less than ideal experience. This friction with long cards is mildly intentional since we’re trying to encourage you to break down long content into multiple smaller cards. However we do have some improvements in the works which will hopefully ameliorate your pain points, looking forward to sharing them with you soon.

In the meantime…

For Desktop and Web apps please press Ctrl / CmdEnter to finish a notecard. You are correct this is only active when you are focused onto a card. Since you can also edit cards in Preview and in the Pinned pane at the same time, so it needs to be card scoped rather than a platform wide keybind.

On iOS and Android there is a shortcut to finish a notecard, above your keyboard press the button to finish a notecard.

Notecards autosave locally on your device even if you don’t finish them, so if you close the app in the middle of editing and then open the app again it will appear again in edit mode. I hope that helps!

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