Scope of unicode block support (esp. musical symbols and enclosed alphanumeric supplements)

What is the exact scope of unicode blocks supported by Supernotes? I use the Western Musical Symbols block and the Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement block a lot in my work flow, but they appear as placeholders (question mark shapes) when I paste my notes over to Supernotes (Windows PC version).

Is this due to the limitations of the Proxima Soft font itself or other reasons? Could anyone suggest a workaround?

These are the blocks I’m talking about:

Hi @noty,

If your system supports both the musical and extended characters then Supernotes should fallback and use a font to correctly display them. Like so: Supernotes

It may be that our magic paste is creating the issues, try plain pasting using Shift + Ctrl + V, does that work for you?

However when viewing on devices which don’t have that font installed, like on iOS you may see white boxes since iOS doesn’t natively support these extended character sets. We could add a font to support this across all apps, and it there’s enough interest we will look into this.

The shift in the beginning was the cure. Thanks for the response!

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