Scope Universal Search within current Noteboard

Hi there! I am trying to find a way to effectively search within just the current parent that you are viewing. Say you have tons of card, but only a few dozen as children of the current card. And you are confident that the needed content is within the current “workspace”, is it possible to search just in that context to speed up search efficiency?



You can use a keyword search filter, which looks for an exact text match within a card. If you combine this with view depth, you can find cards that aren’t immediate children.

If you want it to be fuzzy search, there is not currently a way to achieve that.

Okay, I see. Yes, fuzzy search via the modal is what I am really after in my workflow to reduce distractions.

Something where say CMD + O (or any shortcut, not important) would pop into a search modal that only has the current cards in its context. Current being the “main” card you are viewing and all of its children.

Is this something that is a planned addition? A fairly important aspect of the search for myself :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback @jalen! Nothing is planned yet, but I’ve marked this as “Under Consideration” and we will see what we can do :slight_smile: