Search for cards broken on Mobile

It occurred to me on mobile using 3.0.1 that I can no longer search for cards, both in the universal coupler when adding a parent and in the ctrl+k-menu. There are just no matches regardless of my input.

The issue could be fixed by logging if and on again. However, it continues to reappear after some time. I can’t give a reliable way to reproduce this, though.

Anyone else with this issue?

Thanks for the report, @freisatz!

We’ve noticed this ourselves as well but haven’t found a reliable way to reproduce either. Let us know if you find one.

Just experienced the following:

Searched for a specific card in ctrl+k. While some cards were indeed shown in the search results, that particular card wasn’t, even though I spelled its full title.

I then navigated to that card manually and opened it in the noteboard.

Then searched again in ctrl+k. Now it showed.

Might be related. Hope it helps.

The same happens for me when I search for a card to add as a parent in the universal coupler on iOS. Certain cards don’t surface in the search results, especially ones that begin with numbers.

Appreciate the group debugging – we’ve managed to isolate this issue and it will be fixed in the next minor release!

UPDATE: 3.0.2 is now available for all platforms with this fix.

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Hi @connor, I have realized that this issue has not been solved for me in 3.0.2.

Do you have the cards set to invisible?

No I don’t. It has been a priority card last time I came accross that issue.

Could you go into a bit more detail about the cards in question? Is it the same card(s) every time, or is it random? Are you searching for the exact title or some specific subset? Having trouble replicating our end so any details would help.

Just opened the App to check, but now, the whole index is gone, so no matches at all. Seems rather random to me, so I can’t really give more details on that right now, sorry.

I did log out and in after 3.0.2 update.

Okay, this is all really confusing. But, I figured out that what cards are indexed changes not only with a restart of the app, but even simply after switching the app to background and back. Android 12.

Here’s how this looks