Search or card creation form switch

As longer as I use Supernotes and fill it with notes searching is mandatory. I use Supernotes with other tabs (web) or a desktop app.
While opening the tab/app I am often directly opening the SN window with the mouse and it could be cool if there would be a setup switch to change the default behaviour of the long card creation form to a bigger search form (yes I know key shortcuts) and vice versa. I often create cards by shortcut.
So that I have either could create a card or use the same form to search instead of clicking separately to the search icon.

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Hi Oliver,

Clarissa here. Would you be able to provide us with screenshots or a screen recording, pinpointing with highlights the issue, in the in-app messenger so we can figure out how to resolve this issue for you?


Yes. Its not an issue that has to be resolved, its a wish :grinning: (feature request).

A mode switcher in (1) for behaviour of filed (2) .
Something like this:

Hi @ausblicksstark, is there a reason why our Keyword Filter Search isn’t sufficient at the moment?

Hi @clarissa.l many thanks for your answer. It is not the functionality of the search, this is fine.
My concern is about (my) usability and effective handling as mentioned. While working, having dozens of open tabs, and using my notes I go to the browser based supernotes tab and having an always available search form to point in with the mouse directly would be helpful. The way via the icon with the magnifying glass, is one step more.
I just realize that I never use that filter this way, you’ve mentioned, I’ll try it. I see there are different ways to use Supernotes and I’am still learning…

Hi @ausblicksstark, we totally understand where you’re coming from. Since we’ve hidden filters and search (highlighted in blue below) within popover elements, it feels like it’s extra clicks but it’s actually always only one click :innocent:

The reason why we don’t have embedded search is because when we scroll down, the start typing prompt isn’t there anymore. Of course, if you have any more questions, happy to help!

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Hi @clarissa.l Many thanks for your comprehensive answer(s) and this great discussion. As a conclusion I have to try relearning some usage patterns:-)

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