Search within view doesn't allow to search within card children

Let’s say i am in a noteboard with 15 high-level cards all children of a common topical card. I am looking for a card that I know is somewhere in the children of these 15 cards. When i use the CMD+Shift+K to search within the view I can only search the current cards but none of their children.

I know I could change the filter depth to view infinite children, but that means I’d be viewing 100s of cards, which is a pain organizationally. It would be quite helpful to do a recursive search within current view cards and their children. Is there a way to do this already that I am missing? If not, would you consider adding it?


This is exactly the use-case that the new “search in view” + view depth is intended to accomplish. I’m not entirely what you mean by organizational pain – are you just looking for a card or are you trying to do something else as well?

Generally, I can’t think of a more comprehensive solution than what we currently have when the goal is merely “I want to find a card that I know is a grandchild of X card”.

We can of course have “search in view” be recursive just like the depth in view, but this seems like an overall worse experience when you can already do this explicitly by setting your preferred depth in the noteboard.

Could you explain more about the specific use-case?

Let’s say I have a card titled “Organic chemistry”. I create a new card called “Redux reactions” and am making a bunch of notes. All of a sudden I need to reference something about acids within some redux child card. I try to do this via the coupler, but the issue with the coupler is that it provides very little information into the cards I am searching, unless I know the exact card title, I end up linking the wrong card half of the time.

So, now I need to find the acid card that I want to link. I don’t use the global search, because as you can imagine, there are references to acids in a ton of places, ones that have nothing to do with Organic chemistry subtopic.

My intuition is, go up a level in hierarchy, and search within that level, as I know the card is within one of its children. (I always have depth level set to one to easily see the “high-level” children within a cards child list) This is one exact use-case that I tried to realize it didn’t work :smile:

Now, It’s obvious that there are at least 5 different ways to do this, and they would all work, however when you are actively note-taking and trying to reference other cards efficiency becomes paramount, and doing the least navigation for any action that takes away focus is my goal.

As I wrote out the above, I slowly realized my main pain point is the “Link” search within the coupler does not give sufficient view into the cards I am searching, and does not make it easy to always link the right card.

Hope that makes sense!


As I wrote out the above, I slowly realized my main pain point is the “Link” search within the coupler does not give sufficient view into the cards I am searching

Haha yep, that is mostly what I’m gleaning from this as well – the current system for linking cards (from a search / surfacing perspective) isn’t cutting it for you, and that’s the underlying issue.

And in general, we agree! The overall experience of hyperlinking between cards / utilizing backlinks / etc could still use some improving. We’ve probably neglected this flow a bit because we’ve focused more on the parent/child hierarchy system, which is more unique to Supernotes and empowers behaviors you really can’t find elsewhere. But hyperlinking is important too, so we’ll see what we can do.

I’ve marked this as “out-of-scope” for now, but I’ve also made an internal note on this and we will see what we can do to improve this flow (we already have some ergonomic improvements coming to internal link creation so maybe we can work this in as part of that).


Great to hear, hope this sees some improvements!

While the parent/child relationship is great, links and backlinks are the primary way I correlate notes! Even at a cross-child level it is very useful. I think giving linking the full-search modal would really help.