"See more" is not shown in minimized mode

Description of the bug
When the view mode is set to “minimized” and a new card is opened, the “see more” of the child card is not displayed

App & Version
Web 3.0.8 / Windows x86-64 3.0.8

Steps to reproduce

  1. Set “Display cards as…” to “Minimized”
  2. Open a card that has children
  3. Click “unminimize”
  4. Boom

Screenshots / Screen Recording

Thank you for the bug report and the very reproducible steps! We actually had made a note to fix this but were struggling to figure out what exact conditions caused this behavior, but you’ve laid it out very clearly so we will get this fixed in the next version.


This should be fixed in Supernotes 3.1. Please let us know if not!

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