Selection for shortcuts persists after visual indicators are gone

This is a fairly minor one. It appears that selection persists in cases like this:

  • I select a card on the homepage and click off of it.
  • Visually, the card is no longer selected (the shadow is gone).
  • Pressing Space or Shift+Space still brings up the card or its child noteboard.

Another (odder) example:

  • I navigate to a card on a page other than Home.
  • I change noteboards to home by using ‘Go Home’.
  • No card is selected on screen — the card I had selected may not even be on page 1 of the homepage.
  • Pressing Space or Shift+Space brings up the card.

^ this latter one is presumably happening because ‘Go Home’ doesn’t focus a card before changing the active noteboard.

This is minor, but can cause some confusing situations — and I worry about what would happen if you were to hit ‘Delete’ by accident when the card you’re deleting isn’t even on screen!

We have designed Supernotes so it remembers the last card you have focused – even if you have clicked off it or change your view using the command prompt (your second example). Firstly, this is non-destructive, so no need to worry about junking a card by accident.

This can actually be quite a useful feature. For example, if you click on a card at the start of the noteboard and then immediately dismiss it. When you scroll further down you can then quickly look back at it by hitting [Space]. This is especially helpful for cards that contain to-do lists, and you want to check them off as you read your notes.

Understood, that makes sense. I was just surprised to find it. Perhaps it’s noted somewhere? :slight_smile: