Self-closing backticks for coding-blocks not functioning correctly on Windows

Hi - just a quick question … would it be possible to allow auto-closing of the backticks for a codeblock in SN?
At home I have a streamdeck with shortcuts, but when I am not at home it would be super helpful.

Hi @isaiur, thanks for your feature request.

We already have autocomplete for backticks for codeblocks, type three backticks and it will automatically self close.

CleanShot 2023-07-13 at 12.45.48

Could you possibly take a screen recording of your flow / is the current self-closing implementation not working?

That’s weird - obviously I cannot imagine you haven’t an autocomplete - but it’s not working for me.

Hi @isaiur, could you please try re-downloading the desktop app from Download | Supernotes? That should fix it

Unfortunately not quite. Now they are turning grey as markdown but I also get two first then another two and the fifth and sixth as I click the button.

Can you replicate on the web app? Please send another gif as it’s very helpful to diagnose the issue :slight_smile:

I have the same problem on the web app. Here is the new screen rec.:


Very strange, we will look into this, which browser, app and OS are you using?

Thank you! I’m using Windows 11 - Version 22H2, Browsers are firefox and chrome - on the iPhone beta app it’s working.

Great thanks, I’ve modified this to be a bug report and we will fix this in the next release