Seperating business and private notes

Hello all,

I was wondering what ist best practice to use Supernotes forr 2 completely seperated areas Like Business and private. A major issue for me would be mixing private and Business Tags and also to see private and Business notes in the outline.
How do you solve this?
In Nimbus Notes for example you would Just create 2 seperate workspaces each of them having an own Tag list.

Hi @Freestylechirurg,

Generally we encourage you to link between your personal, work and education knowledge systems as this makes your knowledge graph even more useful. Since each card has it’s own permissions and share links this means you can granularly modify what cards appear where and who they are shared with. People who use Supernotes for all 3 things see the greatest benefit.

We don’t have a workspace ability at the moment, however you can create two separate parent cards – one for “Personal” and one for “Business”, and then modify the view depth so you can see all the cards that fall under either parent. Tags will still appear mixed in the Filters and the Tag Coupler but the results are context-aware now so the most relevant tags will always be at the top – and would be a minimal issue. I hope this helps!

Is it possible to add a visual indicator for the depth of each card?