Set / automatically update current spell check language on Windows & Linux apps

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or if I was doing something wrong, but I faced some problems changing the spelling check language (Windows 10).
I decided to change the system language and default input language and expected the spell check language to be changed as well, but that didn’t happen. Reopening and even reinstalling the app didn’t work out for me. I finally managed to achieve my goal by deleting the app, removing the current value from the spellcheck.dictionaries array in the Preference file in the AppData\Roaming\Supernotes folder, and then installing it once again. Now I understand that changing the spell check could be done by manually changing this parameter (need to know the correct value beforehand) and reopening the app.
Probably it should be made easier :smiley:. Maybe it’s worth checking the user’s system or input language on launch each time?
Anyway, it would be great to have the option to choose a language for a particular card.
Right now I have two languages in spellcheck.dictionaries and it seems to work.

Hi @Nikitinho, thanks for your detailed feedback and for looking into this.

You’re indeed correct we should be able to automatically check your system’s spellcheck preferences and ensure that the spellcheck is correct. This only affects Windows and Linux apps, as Mac apps automatically do this. I’ve converted this to be a feature request, and we will look into updating and adding this very soon!

Sounds cool, but will I be able to continue using spell check in two different languages simultaneously, like I’m doing now by manually adding additional one to spellcheck.dictionaries?

We will try to make sure to preserve that functionality, although it’s not the most user accessible at the moment :slight_smile:

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