Sharing from system share-menu crashes on Android

In Supernotes 3 on Android 12, I encounter an issue when using the system share-to mechanics. One in the following behaviours occurs:

  1. Supernotes launches, prompt with shared text, as intended
  2. Supernotes launches, crashes instantly while still in background
  3. Supernotes launches, showing message “user not logged in”

It seems that there is a certain pattern.

  • First start results in 3.
  • Second and any start with even index results in 2.
  • Third and every start with uneven index other than first results in 3.

I did delete all data of Supernotes locally, restarted the device, and logged back in. Issue persists.

Is there a way I can provide log messages for you?

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Hi @freisatz,

Thanks for the bug report.

We’re aware of this issue, we launch ‘a separate’ instance of Supernotes for the purpose of sending the data via the share-sheet. However if you already have the ‘main’ instance of Supernotes it can crash on some devices. If you try again immediately the share process will work if it didn’t work the first time.

We’re working on a fix, but for now you just have to open Supernotes twice.