Sharing text from android to Supernotes: Include the URL from the shared website

Really loving the new Supernotes update! Thank you very much for the improvements.

I tried out the new sharing feature from android system to Supernotes and noticed when you share only the selected text there won’t be the URL from the shared site.

I would like to see the URL after the selected text for later references and rereading the website. For now I have to copy the URL and insert it manually after the shared text in Supernotes.


Hi @DunkinDonuts,

Thanks for the feature request!

We’d like to do this, although unfortunately we’re unable to pull that information from Android. That information is unavailable to us since we only get the clipboard text data. If you know of an other app that is able to do this, let us know and we’ll investigate further.

Hey @tobias!

Thank you very much for the reply and I apologize for my late reply.

Unfortunately I don’t know any app which can do it right now.

I’m not sure if this is helpful at all but I created a web request on IFTTT with and Supernotes API. When I highlight a text on it creates automatically a card in Supernotes with the highlighted text and the URL of the website. It’s probably not really related to it but I thought I’m sharing it.

I also quite don’t understand the “clipboard text data”. I don’t copy it to clipboard but rather select the text and hit the share button in for example Firefox.

Have a great day!


I tried it with some apps I have on my phone:

  1. Discord: Shares only the link when I share via the Firefox share button
  2. K9 Mail: Shares the title of the website and the link via Firefox share button
  3. Gmail: Same as with K9 Mail
  4. Twitter: Shares only the Link via Firefox share button
  5. Telegram: Shares the title of the website and the link via Firefox share button