Short List of Planned Features

Hi everyone! We’ve been getting a lot feature requests for the platform lately, and I just wanted to make a post to centralize some of these and talk about what we already have planned a bit here at Supernotes HQ.

This isn’t a concrete plan and we generally don’t want to tell people too much about features before they are actually finished, lest we change some behavior and disappoint someone. However these are features that we are nearly 100% sure we are going to add at some point in the future.

So without further ado, some planned features:

Share pages – this is a common request and one we think is super important. We are currently working on having the ability to create a public page that allows you to quickly and easily share cards with other people. These pages can either be fully public (anyone with the link can see the content) or semi-public in that you can require users to login before they see the content you’ve shared. There are various other features / options that you will be able to change for such card pages.

Graph view – a view of all your cards (or subsets of your cards) as a 2D graph! Familiar to anyone that has used Roam Research.

Greatly improved card tree – there are many improvements we are currently making to the card tree in the sidebar. I won’t exhaustively list out the new behaviors that will be enabled by this restructuring of the tree, but suffice to say that if you have thought of an improvement you’d like in the tree, that feature is probably included in the refresh. :wink:

WYSIWYG Editing – another big one. The internet has accustomed us to nice editors that format the text as you write (rather than having the markdown/display dynamic we currently have on Supernotes). We still want editing / finishing to be an idea that exists on the Supernotes platform so have no plans to change that, but we are looking to make the editing experience as seamless and powerful as possible.

Multi-card editing – Fairly self-explanatory. We are working on a seamless and powerful UX that will allow you to quickly and easily edit multiple cards and their properties in one go.

And that’s a quick insight into some of the things we are working on. Again, this is very far from being an exhaustive list. We have an internal roadmap that currently has 100+ features/ideas that we have thought about adding to Supernotes. We prefer not to share this list publicly as we want to make sure we can adapt to new ideas and opportunities without disappointing users with an expectation that a certain feature is around the corner, but as always we will do our best to keep you guys informed with up-to-date information as we work things out.



Sounds great! Thanks for the info!

Thanks for sharing. Transparency into roadmap and plans for the product is something I look for and value in SaaS businesses. Very happy to see some of this shared :+1:


Sounds great! I think I posted about this in the old forum, but I hope the new tree allows recursive unindexing… :wink:

@connor How close are you in releasing this feature set to the users?

When I work in Obsidian I feel that the UX has taken a step back in time and looks like code. The same goes for Roam Research. Supernotes card-based UX is more pleasing to the eyes. Looking forward to future feature sets.


Hi @D_Rehak,

The list Connor shared above is co-incidentally the order we are working on these features. Graph view is one of the top priorities, and we will be focusing on this after we release ‘Share pages’ in next month.

One thing that isn’t mentioned in this list is our desktop and mobile apps which is our top priority at the moment.

Thanks for your kind words, we have spent a long time perfecting the UX of Supernotes! When adding new features we always make sure this an improvement to the UX and doesn’t clutter / retract from the fast Supernotes experience.

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Hey @connor, really important feature.

Ability to point people to the part of the brain with all my knowledge about X is way easier than explaining the same things over and over again.

Looking forward to it!


I can now confirm that this will be coming in the next major update to Supernotes (1.7), which will be released next month.


Hey @D_Rehak and @connor, I would definitely say that Supernotes is a much better UI than any of the noted competitors. This to me is your greatest strength since some users are put off by the tired UI of Roam. This is also why the competition is hiring UI types.

Let me also complement the mobile UI look which is critical to me since I need to move around in the day helping customers. It’s important that the look and feel of the mobile experience is just as good as the desktop/web experience.

Hats off and thank you to the design team! I look forward to Supernotes 2!

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Thanks for your kind words @michaelp6of7. The design team is myself and Connor :sweat_smile:

We are really happy to hear you are enjoying the latest updates, and we look forward to sharing Supernotes 2 with you very very soon!


Mobile version need possibility to share from other apps to supernotes.
Sorry for my poor english and thx


Would the WYSIWYG feature include the capability add images via pasting from the clipboard? I come as a typora user and I absolutely love that feature as I do not need to look for the image file on my computer to be able to add images on my markdown files. Also it greatly helps speed up adding screenshots to the notes.

Adding an image by pasting is definitely a nice feature to add and something we can do now that the new editor has been launched as part of Supernotes 2. We will add your +1 to that feature’s priority!


Please add my +1