Show notes side by side

It could be useful to show two notes next to each other.
Roam does this well, Obsidian took it one step further by allowing a custom layout with many panes which is not necessarily very user friendly.
For me personally, just being able to split your screen vertically to open related notes next to each other would be great already. Right now I open two browser tabs side by side, which is ok, but certainly not ideal.

PS: This may have been requested already, but I couldn’t immediately find a post asking for this.

Hi @kareldries, this is very cool suggestion and has been one of our goals since the beginning. As you have mentioned one of the challenges is to make this a fluid and user friendly experience, so we have been focusing on improving the single noteboard experience first. Quick tip – you can drag and drop between browser windows if you haven’t tried that yet.

Also right now we are implementing the ability to pin cards to the right side of your screen, which will be available in the next release.